The schedule below uses the following coloring code to indicate the intended audience for the panel:
  • Panel is suitable for all attendees
  • Panel is suitable for attendees ages 16 and up
  • Panel is suitable for attendees ages 18 and up. Badges WILL be checked at the door
  • Panel is suitable for attendees ages 21 and up. Badges WILL be checked at the door. ID with birthdate may also be required.
  • Room is closed


Time Main Tent Thoreau Whittier Emerson Concord Salem
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
11:00 AM AMV Screening
11:30 AM
12:00 PM ANIME DEAL OR NO DEAL Lets Rank Anime Openings Lupin & On: A History of Phantom Thieves Introduction to Hand Sewing
12:30 PM
1:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
1:30 PM Muse Does Jackbox! A Brief History of Vampires
2:00 PM Explain the plot badly! AAC Photography Spotlight
2:30 PM Anime Match Game Murderville
3:00 PM AAC Whose Anime Is It Anyway: All Ages Edition Creepers: How to avoid them and not become one yourself Love Live! Jeopardy!!!
3:30 PM Digital Yaoi
4:00 PM D&D Therapy Felt Animals
4:30 PM Cosplay Whodunnit Only a ninja can defeat a ninja How to work with Felt Sword Lesbians in Anime
5:00 PM
5:30 PM Mario Party with Dani and Friends!
6:00 PM How to git gud! Final Fantasy XIV Edition Introduction to Jrock Faerie Lanterns You Don't Know Jack! AAC Edition
6:30 PM From Toys To Talking
7:00 PM AAC Whose Anime Is It Anyway: 18+ Edition Cannonball Dance
7:30 PM Beginner's Guide to Tokusatsu Yaoi Bang, Marry, Kill Anime Jeopardy
8:00 PM Avatar Legends in: Who done it?!
8:30 PM 18+ Cosplay Dating Game Ice-Breaker Meet and Greet How To Be A Professional Voice Actor From Home!
9:00 PM AI and the Art Director / Illustrator Forgotten Forebears: Influential Games You Haven't Heard Of
9:30 PM AAC 2023 Waffle Off!
10:00 PM Under the Table IRL Improv Barry Reads NSFW Bedtime Stories
10:30 PM Anime Family Fued Corpsewake Cove: A TT-"AARRRGH"-PG Adventure
11:00 PM LGBTQ+/Polyam/Kink Soiree MS Paint Shenanigans Takeover: Another Anime Con
11:30 PM Redpool Hypnosis 18+ edition Daddy Panel 18+: Quench Your Thirst
12:00 AM Anime Pass the Yen Game Show! GLENN & ERIK'S POWERPOINT PANDEMONIUM
12:30 AM


Time Main Tent Thoreau Whittier Emerson Concord Salem
10:00 AM Room Closed Swap Meet (Starts at 9am) Escape the Panel Make-a-Friend Anime Hunger Games!
10:30 AM All About Resin & Vinyl Doll Collecting
11:00 AM Weakest Link: AAC 2023 Edition Cosplay on a Budget Well Actually...
11:30 AM
12:00 PM The fun doesn't need to stop - Cosplay over 30
12:30 PM Basics of Con Photography Anime Jeopardy - Saturday
1:00 PM BBEGame Shows Presents - PRESS YOUR LUCK Stray Dogs Unleashed: A Bungo Stray Dogs Experience
2:00 PM Time Travel In Anime Jim's AMAs!!
2:30 PM Idol Showcase
3:00 PM Anime Greed: AAC's Most Dangerous Game Show! Cosplay Bound - A Beagle Story The Cold Read
3:30 PM Taskmaster Cosplay & SCIENCE!!!
4:00 PM Steampunk Arts & Crafts
4:30 PM Cosplay Death Match Anime Stories of Japanese History Anime Protagonist Academy! Youth Game Storytelling, Myth of Japan
5:00 PM Guest Q&A "So, you want to run a D&D show?"
5:30 PM Redpool's Hypnosis Show
6:00 PM AAC Presents The Chase Tier List Debate Challenge!
6:30 PM
7:00 PM AAC 2023 Masquerade Social Dancing for nerds Room Closed Parasol and Fan Painting
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
8:30 PM Smash Bros Tournament
9:00 PM Just One More Thing: Lt. Columbo presents a brief history of the crime drama
9:30 PM How Music Makes Anime So Powerful
10:00 PM
10:30 PM It's Always Sunny at AAC: 21+ Edition: 16th Season Premiere Edition Karaoke at the con
11:00 PM DUNCES & DRAGONS - Count of Margaritaville
11:30 PM
12:00 AM
12:30 AM


Time Main Tent Thoreau Whittier Emerson Concord Salem
09:00 AM Yard Sale
09:30 AM Sunday Morning Tea Time
10:00 AM Who Wants to be an Animillionaire? Pirate Perlers Con-venture
10:30 AM Hanging with Jim Kitsune Metal Q&A meet and greet
11:00 AM Cosplay Chess Beginner’s Guide to Starting to Cosplay
11:30 AM Fan Panels 101 Worbla Armor 101*
12:00 PM Anime Jeopardy - Sunday Disney Pins 101
12:30 PM Name that Tune: Video Game & Anime Style! Terrariums!
1:00 PM Anime Openings that SLAP! In-Character Cosplay Competition
1:30 PM Mini-Golf Darkness to Light : A Voice Actor Battles Mental Illness
2:00 PM Are You Smarter Than a Weeaboo?!?! Cosplay Pro Wreslting Trash Talk Battle Post-Con Depression
2:30 PM This Panel is making me hungry.
3:00 PM Anime Chain Reaction All About That Bass: Why you should play one!
3:30 PM Anime Jeopardy! Science Types started cosplaying... So they tried to write a formula Why did they say that?
4:00 PM
4:30 PM Closing Ceremonies
5:00 PM